Types of towel clips-Instrument in draping

The sterile draping in the surgical field enhances and improves the sterility and avoids infection to the patients. In draping towel clip/clamp play a role in holding the drapes for long-duration surgery. Towel clips are commonly used surgical instruments in sterile procedures. Types of towel clips used in the surgical field

Types of towel clip/clamp

1.Backhaus towel clamp

2.Backhaus Roedel towel clamp

3.Doyen’s towel clips

4.Moynihan towel forceps or Tetra towel clamp

5.Cross action towel clips

6.Schadel type


A Backhaus towel clamp

Backhaus towel clip used to hold towels and drapes in place. The difference between normal and Roeder type is Backhaus towel forceps with the ball at the near end to avoid piercing of towel inside the instrument beyond the ball. Mayo towel clips otherwise called Backhaus clamps

The rachet in the instrument secures the instrument to hold the drape intact.

Doyen’s towel clips

Self-retaining towel clips work on the cross action principle to hold the drape

Moynihan towel forceps or Tetra towel clamp

This clamp  used in clamping the towel which has two prongs with one prong in opposite align together to hold the towel in draping.

Tetra towel clip
Tetra towel clip








Cross action towel clips available in two types

  1. Mayo Cross action
  2. Doyen’s Cross action Traumatic
  3. Schaedel Cross Action Towel Clip Atraumatic otherwise called a ball and socket type towel clips

Doyen cross action looks similar to mayo towel clips, the only difference in the instrument in angulation and end of the instrument. See the image below


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