Basic Surgical Instrument

Types of towel clips-Instrument in draping

types of towel clips

The sterile draping in the surgical field enhances and improves the sterility and avoids infection to the patients. In draping towel clip/clamp play a role in holding the drapes for long-duration surgery. Towel clips are commonly used surgical instruments in sterile procedures. Types of towel clips used in the surgical field Types of towel clip/clamp …

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What is the most important part of a needle holder?

needle holder

The Needle holder used for the approximation of tissue during the surgical procedure with the help of a surgical sterile suture. The use of these instruments categories into different needle holder types by tissue sizes, nature of the tissue, adult or pediatrics, etc. what is the most important part of a needle holder? The instruments …

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Curette Surgical Instruments with Image


Curette instruments used to remove the cartilage and tissue from the body The types of curettes used in all the different parts of the body Adenoid Curettes Uses To scrape and remove the adenoid tissue  Available in different size and length, both in pediatric and adult varieties Approximately 8 1/2 inches long with curette opening ranging …

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Suction Cannula and Types with Images

suction cannula

Disposable Suction cannula differentiated in size and type of surgery House/Hough style handle  The connector used between the suction tip and suction tubing used in Rhinologic / Otologic surgery Metal suction cannula tip  Applicable for ear examinations, the suction of wax and other fluids, paracentesis Designed with a curved angle specially designed for microscopic examination …

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Retractor in Gynecology

Doyen's Retractor 

We are going to Retractor and speculum used in Gynecology surgery Sims Vaginal Speculum Two types of retractor by divided by the number of blades Sims Double Bladed Vaginal Speculum Sims Single Blade Vaginal Speculum Used during gynecological exam or procedure The blades in the retractors are unequal and used for vaginal examination and diagnostic …

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Forceps Instruments

Forceps instruments important in the surgical field to hold and retracts the tissues and muscles, etc Pickups, thumb forceps, and tissue forceps are available in various lengths, with or without teeth, and smooth or serrated jaws. Russian tissue forceps are used to grasp tissue Adson pickups are either smooth: used to grasp delicate tissue or …

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Surgical Forceps and Types

Surgical forceps one of the important instruments in tissue handling during surgery. The main use of Thumb forceps like grasping, compressing, holding during cutting, and lift the tissues. Clamping surgical forceps commonly called hemostats used to control blood flow during surgery. Hemostats in different sizes with locking handles to handle the fine bleeding arteries and …

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