Neuro surgery Instruments

Raney clips for hemostasis in Neurosurgery

raney clip

Raney reusable scalp clips Atraumatic Safe to use Non-pyrogenic What are Raney clips used for Raney clips used to control bleeding, applied on the edge of scalp tissue. Raney clips used instead of Cautery or hemostatic forceps like Cushing forceps, mosquito artery forceps to control bleeding What type of clips are Raney clips Raney clips …

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Osteotome- Surgical instrument


Osteotome- “Osteo” means bone, “Tomy” means cutting The surgical instrument name itself meaning the cutting of bone in the term. The sharp instruments made of medical-grade stainless steel with a good ergonomics design. Two types of osteotome Straight Curved The instrument comes in different sizes for the indication. Used in Orthopaedic surgery, Plastic & reconstructive …

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Top 5 Surgical instruments in Neurosurgery

Top 5 Surgical instrument neurosurgery

Top 5 Surgical instruments in cranial surgery posts will guide you all about the most used surgical instruments in cranial surgery(Neurosurgery). We will discuss the Bayonet Tissue Forceps, Malleable Brain Retractor, Hudson brace,  Penfield Dissector, and Yasargil Bayonet Tissue Forceps.  see more for Top 5 Surgical instrument cranial surgery Top 5 Surgical instrument: Bayonet Tissue …

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Ventricular Catheters in Neurosurgery and Types

Heyer-Schulte ventricular catheters incorporate tantalum-impregnated tips to aid in determining exact positioning by x-ray examination. The accurate placement and sizes of holes to permit unobstructed drainage determined as a result of many years of clinical evaluation.  MPF VENTRICULAR CATHETER (Multi-Perforated Flange)  Many small holes on the underside of the silicone flanges strain fluid as it …

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Chisel Meaning, Definition, Types and uses of chisel


Chisel instruments used to cut the tissue, dissect the tissue. In some of the case, it is used to excise the tissue. The chisel meaning a flat-bladed sharp instrument with a beveled cutting edge and a handle with a hammer or mallet used to cut or shape wood, stone, metal, bone, and cartilage in orthopedic …

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Spine Retractors in spinal surgery

Retractors in Spinal Surgery

The Spinal Retractors different types according to use, some of the retractor used in spine surgery includes Derrico retractor Adson Cerebellar retractor Caspar nerve root retractor Derrico nerve root retractor Read more for Retracting Instruments Spinal Retractors Uses Spine retractor commonly used in spinal procedures include: Discectomy (any level of the spine) – to remove …

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Burs and drills


Burs and drills used to make hole drill the surgical anatomy during the surgery. Types of drilling systems discussed below ENT Drill Hand-held microdrill for stapedotomy, stapedectomy, and fashion of homo/auto bone grafts Narrow, lightweight design allows for better visualization in the middle ear Speed: 7,000 rpm max Provided sterile   BURS Designed for use …

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Rongeurs Surgical Instruments

kerrison punch

Rongeurs instruments used mainly for removing the spinous process and boney prominent. Pituitary rongeur mainly used to remove the bone pinch by pinch, these will help surgeons to avoid damage to nerves and blood vessels. Depending on the number of bone removal essentials during a procedure. Instruments with various jaws width and sharp according to …

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